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Financial resources for projects that support First Nations.


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A prominent Foundation that helps First Nation communities in Canada to nation build and protect their legacy for generations to come.

The EDIP Foundation is in the process of raising funds. Its goal is to raise $5M in the next twelve months to finance community projects in the areas of Nation Building; Financial Capacity; and Reconciliation.

Pillars of Support

We support First Nations in three specific areas:


Nation Building

Funding processes by which the nation enhances its own foundational capacity for effective self-governance and for self-determined community and economic development.


Financial Capacity

Funding initiatives to obtain, improve, and retain the financial skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to  support the building of the nation to perform at a greater capacity.



Addressing wrongs from the past that may be barriers to nation building or the financial capacity component of nation building.

Messsage from Chuck

“Don’t let your voice go unheard and don’t let another opportunity pass you by, because together we can cause remarkable and lasting change for First Nations in Canada.”

Chuck LaFlèche, EDIP Foundation Head of Fundraising

Chuck Lafleche has been appointed as the Head of Fundraising of the Foundation and will lead all fundraising activities. You can reach Chuck at:

EDIP Foundation


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